Nollywood actress, Judith Audu has attested that she’s one of the few people that social media has favoured in finding love and true happiness.

Ms Audu is an actor, budding producer, OAP and a blog­ger and holds a first degree in French and a Masters degree in Public & International Affairs from the University of Lagos.

In a recent interview with The Sun Newspapers, the indigene of Edo State, talked about how she met her hubby on social media.

“We actually met on Facebook. We are one of those lucky people social media has helped and impacted their lives. He wasn’t a Nigerian then; my husband is a foreigner. He wasn’t in the country when we met on social media and started chatting up. And we did that for about three years and then he came around and we dated for about four years before we got married, we are in our fifth year of marriage.

Since then, marriage has been awesome! It is the best thing that ever happened to me aside being an actress.’’