Ify Otuya, an upcoming singer and a graduate of the University of Lagos and the London Metropolitan University has cried out for help after she was admitted at the Nigerian Army Psychiatric Hospital in Lagos State by her family members.

The young lady claimed she was not mentally deranged and wonders why she would be held in a psychiatric hospital for weeks with the approval of her family members including one Nollywood actor, identified as Emeka Ossai.

She could not bear the humiliation and took to her facebook page to write.”I’m currently being held at a psychiatric hospital in Yaba by Ambode’s police and Emeka Ossai (and other men in my family), against my will. Isn’t Lagos fun???!!!! Lmao

Hey, world!! For those looking for me, I was abducted to Nigerian Army Reference Hospital (‘A’ ward, Psychiatric ward) opposite WAEC, Yaba Lagos.”

I’m still being held here against my will, even after 4 weeks! If there’s still a responsible press in this country, you now know where to find me.”

They’re denying me access to my lawyer. Come and visit me friends – I would love to talk to you. Anybody with access to my father, Terry Otuya, should please remind him about law and order.”