Controversial media personality, Denrele Edun was born in Hamburg, Germany.  He said that he is  nationality-confused. His dad is Yoruba. His mum’s dad is Indian, her mum is Mauritian.  He said what happened the first time people saw him dress the way he does.

Denrele said “I no sabi where I come from. But officially as an entertainer it was in 2008 and I went to Atlanta, Georgia in America. From Atlanta, I went to Barbados and then Trinidad and Tobago. I was alone on the trip. Later, I went back to Atlanta and I was there for a while. It was a brilliant experience.

Talking about his first car “I didn’t have a car for a while, because I had a lot of responsibilities. From every salary I earned, I was either paying someone’s school fees or paying for one house or borehole. But my very first car was my black Toyota Corolla. That car went everywhere. Asewo ni moto yen. We took it to Ilorin, Kwara State and Osogbo, Osun State that didn’t have airports back then. I bought it in 2008. Hitherto, I was always taking bus, taxis and bike. One day, boys rushed me one night and I ran with my Apola shoes. I even had an accident with the car on Third Mainland Bridge. We called it the black ash. When I got the car I was paying for it in installments. Later, someone gave me an Avalon to use for a while. Now, I have a Camry and a Lexus. I bought the Camry from my sister and the Lexus is meant for scattering the town.

The question of what happened the first time he dressed the way he does “My first time dressing this way caused commotion in the streets of Lagos. People stoned me, people did waka, shouted were, (lunatic). That was back in my UNILAG days. In 1999, I wore very big boots. Then I used to dance for Charly Boy’s wife, Lady D and Silverbird. I used to wear pins in my ears. I took those shoes from Lady D and I ran away with them, because I felt they complemented my look and Lady D would call me to request for them. I don’t like giving people my shoes.