Sensational actress, Oby Edozie, is ending the year in grand style.

In a text message she sent to Life and Beat during the week, Oby disclosed that she had joined the league of jeep owners. “I just bought a Murano Jeep. Join me in thanking God,” she declared.

Asked why she decided to change her car, Oby said, “Abeg, I wanted to buy a good present for myself this Christmas.”

Like other big gals, Oby could decide to obtain a customised registration number, but she said, “I don’t need such unnecessary attention. I wouldn’t want everybody to notice me each time I drive past.”

The screen diva nearly exploded when asked if the gesture came from a man.

“For what? How could a man give me money to buy a car? This is my sweat. I bought this car with my hard earned money. When one is suffering, people would not notice, but when that person starts to shine, people would start saying all sorts of rubbish.”

And if you think that Oby went for a jeep because her former best friend, Tricia, bought an Infinity jeep a few months ago, she has an answer: “I have always wanted to buy this jeep. It has nothing to do with anybody at all. She has her life to live and I have mine to live. I didn’t copy anybody when I was buying my car.”