Toyin Aimakhu is one Nollywood actress who gradually rose to the top of the movie industry, especially in the Yoruba genre. She initially wanted to be a singer before her uncle who was a marketer introduced her to Bukky Wright in 2004.

Today, Toyin says coping with stardom has not been easy. Stardom, she confessed, had practically made her to live a fake life.

“You have to fake who you really are, you have to fake your lifestyle. I don’t have to lie about it, that is what we do; we live fake lives. I used to be a very playful person, but this profession has turned me into a reserved person, otherwise a lot of people will take advantage of you and say negative things about you,”’She noted.

Not only this, her lifestyle has also changed. Toyin, now shops at exclusive places too. “Everybody knows the economic situation of things. Before now, there were places were I could go and get my things at cheaper rates. You may see a top for N2, 000 at that shop and in another shop, that same top will be N6, 000. We would still go to the shop that is selling that top for N6, 000. We have to go to exclusive salons to do our nails. If we don’t do that, people will say that we are suffering.”

Though the Edo State born actress can not act nude, not even with a billion pounds offer, but she is one of the few actresses who are daring when it comes to skimpy dresses. Toyin is quick to point out that she loves dressing hot. “Even if I am paid a billion pounds, I can never act nude. This is Nigeria; our culture does not permit such. I want to have a family of my own one day. I like dressing hot. It is not all the time I dress that way, but I can be hot when I want to,” she expressed.