Some separation can be painful especially for friends who have done a lot of things together. Moe Musa and JJC have been living in the same building until Moe packed his stuffs and left.

Moe may not just have left the house on a normal circumstance according to some sources.  Moe has been living in the Boys Quarters of the building where JJC live.

Since the rumour of JJC and Funke Akindele dating started flying around, it was gathered from some quarters that JJC has not been comfortable with the presence of Moe in the building.

Privacy must be maintained and it was alleged that Moe decided to leave for this assumed privacy to be maintained.

Today, Moe is living somewhere in Lekki, a better apartment compared to where he once lived. However, Moe and JJC are still the best of friends.

Moe responded to the rumors ‘If I move out, it’s because I want to move out; I am a man. Everybody has the right to move out when they want to. JJC is my family, he is my brother. If you are with your brother and he is in a relationship, are you not going to move?”

Also, he made it clear that he is not dating Victoria Kimani. “No I am not dating her,”