Jim Iyke cannot stop impressing us with his lifestyle.

Over the years,we have associated the actor with many women . Nadia Buari was one of the ladies who we thought he was going to marry until the actress showed up with twins that don’t belong to Iyke. All these while, we have been waiting to see the lady he will take to the altar and finally we have seen her. A New Tear Rubber Fiancee!

 Take a look at the lady Iyke is going to marry. He said to his haters  “HATERS’ is a DISEASE. MEET THE ‘CURE’. My brand new tear rubber FIANCÉE. Added the back view for good measure too. Now let me see these douche bags talk sh*t about me. I Dare y’all!! (Even me can’t talk sh**) I swear I’ll show up in your house with my TERMINATOR BAE and whop your whole family’s ass! They don’t understand us hun. I LOVE YOU BABY!!”

Last year, he wrote a rich piece for  his baby Dubem Harvis as well as his mother  “Your mum is a Supergirl. Well now Superwoman. [And] I promise you by no stretch is her nickname far-fetched,” he wrote.  “She’s got more balls, let alone mental strength, than most men I know; present company included. I’ll save the story of her commitment and dedication on this journey for perhaps another day.”