Last week, Brymo had told a fan who was begging him for money to pay his fees to drop out and follow his dream.

This advice never went well with some Nigerians who had come for his throat. Daddy Freeze has supported Brymo in this issue and insisted too that  going to school is not for everyone.

 Freeze affirmed “Brymo is right, the lad doesn’t need school to be successful. Nigeria’s biggest problem is borne out of sheep mentality that has imprisoned us physically, mentally and even spiritually. I got an education because my learned parents wanted me to, i have never needed it. I got my cool Fm job because of my voice and experience. I got my first job with BCOS Ibadan at 19 and by 21, i was in 200 level, yet was training graduates.”

He went ahead to say “ Education doesn’t guarantee anything. Discover yourself. God already put greatness in you! Here are people who didn’t finish school yet are super successful. George Washington President of the United States