OAP Freeze is one entertainer who doesn’t stop at talking…He tells us everything from the good to the bad. Freeze is famous when it comes to encouraging and inspiring others. The entertainer has something great that every business owner should read.

He says  “I just love the spirit of this business owner, as he goes about in search of his daily bread. His line of business is not what most people would consider as a first option, however, it’s a great source of income and he is proud of it. He has a shiny, colorful truck carrying the inscription ‘shit happens’. Because he knows that when it does, he will be there for you. I want to see more of these type of people, proud of what they do!”

He revealed “When I started broadcasting in 1996, the career path was looked down upon so badly, I would notice the smirks on the faces of my dad’s Doctor friends, when they got wind of my career choice, and how they would proceed to brag about how well their own kids were doing, studying engineering, medicine, law or pharmacy. I pitied my poor parents, who had to endure this on my behalf, and still pretend to be proud of me.

There was no future in broadcasting in the early 90s, and my MTN recharge card salary of N1,500 in 2001 served no motivation. I remember having a career discussion during my last semester in the University, and everyone around me wanted to work in a bank or oil company. I was taunted mercilessly by some guy called Kevin, who asked “na this DJ work you go dey do, when you turn 40?” Laughter rent the air at my expense. I had the last laugh however, when his wife came for an audition in Coolfm, saying her dream was to work on the radio, @coolfmlagos was her favorite radio station, and I was her mentor.  God has a cunning way of vindicating us, especially when he sees our diligence and dedication. “