Sensational singer and one of the top reigning musician in Nigeria,has revealed in a recent interview that he told his girlfriend to quit her banking job because of the way male customers harass female bankers.

Timaya in a chat with entertainment magazine, Encomium said,”I have a new lover but I don’t want to disclose her name. She is a graduate of Madonna University. She’s a banker. She’s good, beautiful and the best thing that ever happened to me. She was a model before. She worked with Oceanic Bank before in Port Harcourt, but I told her to quit because men usually harass female bankers. Because of that I pay her salary every month.

I met her through a friend, Austin, in Port Harcourt. He had always been telling me to come to Port Harcourt to meet this lady. Once again, this girl is everything I want in a lady. I’m not afraid if anybody is reading this. The three things that keeps a woman is – good sex, money and attention. I give her all that” he said