Few days ago, internet trolls had descended on poor Toke Makinwa, who is trying to mind her business, that she was hiding a secret child, a child whose father was not revealed neither the circumstance of the pregnancy made public until now. 


Toke tried to push the side talk away but the more she tried, the more she was put directly on the firing line.

To compound her woes, she had simply deleted the post from her account and most people thought that it was true. However,Toke has made  it known that this was laughable and we shouldn’t take such a comment seriously.

“I have been in this industry for over six years. My radio career started in 2010 and I am working with one of the most popular radio stations in Nigeria, I was on television and I have a Vlog. If I have a child, everyone would know. It is laughable and there is no iota of truth in that post,” she said.