We have another version of Olajumoke story going viral. This time it is a university dropout who dresses corporate to clean cars on the street.

Abdulahi Olatoyan is a struggling young man -who cleans car windows until someone took pictures of him and posted it for the world to see.

Help has come from Uche Nnaji , who is Founder of OUCH Fashion Institute. Uche is asking anyone to link him up with Olatoyan because there is a job for him.

Uche said “I WOKE up to see this image and wondering…How can a young-man make an effort to DRESS this way to CLEAN car windshield in TRAFFIC and be LEFT to continue with this? ..God Forbid Bad Thing.”

He went ahead to say the reasons why Olatoyan really needs a job. One of the reasons he gave was “He made an effort to DRESS better than his present SITUATION shows/tells me that this is a Man with a VISION who needs a PUSH.”