Our people, it looks as if Sylvia Nduka may be pregnant. She was seen a picture that showed a protruding stomach.

Rumours have it that she is in a relationship with Aliko Dangote. Since 2015, her alleged affair with the billionaire has been on and she has not accepted nor rejected the claim.

Sylvia’s rumoured billionaire lover really changed her life in an amazing way. She was said to have full control of Dangote’s private jet and flies in and out of the country on constant short trips abroad.

“On many occasions, she jets into Dubai and lodges in executive suites in Burj al-Arab! Like a big girl that she is, she cruises around town in white Range Rover Sports, a gift bestowed on her by her benefactor,” a source once claimed. Unknown to many, the billionaire has also been allegedly investing hugely into Sylvia own hairline, Sylvia’s Hair Gallery, which was opened and launched shortly after her reign in 2013.

If she is really pregnant, whose child is she carrying?