Karen Ediri Igho,winner of Big Brother Amplified was born in Jos,in 1984,to her mother who at the time was only 17.She said she lived in a mud house with her grandmother in the village,from when she was 2,till she was 14.

She had her primary and secondary school education in Jos before she travelled to England in 2004 with her boyfriend,at the time,in search of greener pastures.

Although it was much better than living in a mud house,she had to wash dishes and work as a Sales Girl to get by,as she continued her education.

Despite juggling school and work,Karen found time to work with a charity group caring for kids with hearing problems.

Upon graduation from Southwark College,with a degree in Business Administration,she decided to go into the business of buying and selling clothes.She shuttled between Nigeria and England for about 4 years then she auditioned for a place in the Big Brother House and emerged winner!

And wait for this! Karen says she is not ready to marry yet.

Not only that. She says her biggest problem now is falling in love with any man that comes her way because of her new status.

Excerpts from the interview;

Why did you relocate to Nigeria?

I wouldn’t say I really relocated.I just came for holiday,Xmas holiday and then my grandma died at that period.I went to our village for the burial and came back to Lagos and that’s when Denrele told me Big Brother audition was on.

Denrele got me the form,he filled the form for me because my handwriting is ugly.And what happened,I won.

Before Big Brother,you also participated in other reality shows like Next Movie Star?

All na Denrele oo.He is the one that keeps encouraging me.He thinks I have this magic touch.

How did the whole thing start? It started on his birthday at K’s Place in 2007.Me I was just managing my business,Denrele now saw me and we now started talking,we exchanged numbers,and from there we became friends.

He saw that star quality in me.He has always believed in me.

And today,it is paying off.I am now the winner of Big Brother 2011.

Are you going to give Denrele part of the money?

I am very private when it comes to stuff like that.Even though I am going to give Denrele money,I am not going to tell you guys how much.One thing is for sure,the reason Africans picked me is because I have a good heart and that will not change over night.Just rest assured.

Are you in love now? Who are you dating?

No,I am not.And the truth is that,e go hard now,me I am single now,yes.But now that I don get small money for pocket,I no know which guy wants to marry me genuinely,or because of my money.I no know yet.I just pray God to just send a very nice man with good personality.

What does a man need to do to sweep Karen off her feet?

It doesn’t take much.Just be yourself.Don’t try to get me material stuff.Don’t impress me with your car or with how much you have in your account or your job.

Just be yourself.Just be funny.I see through people easily.It doesn’t take a lot for a man to woo me,just have a good personality and a nice heart.The dick sef doesn’t matter,it’s all about the heart and the connection.

Are you sure you are ready to marry?

Yes,I go marry now.Wetin be your problem.I will definitely marry one day now.Me,I am tired of kissing a lot of frogs.I can’t wait for my Prince Charming to come oh.