He comes across on the tube as an incurable womanizer with so much money to throw around his harem of women. But in practicality, Abiodun Ayoyinka aka Papa Ajasco, tells Emeka Enyinnaya . that he is the direct opposite of the role he plays in the popular sit-com, Papa Ajasco and Company.

According to him, he is neither the chronic womanizer nor the money bag he portrays in the comedy. “Yes Papa Ajasco on screen is very rich and he like women and likes to enjoy life. Everybody likes money but on the women aspect you have to move closer to me to know that. But what I do on the TV is to teach people what life is really all about and that role the opposite of my real life. I am neither a womanizer nor a millionaire, but I am comfortable.”

However he admits enjoying the patronage of his fans, particularly the female ones who despite his marital stature still call him up even at weird hours not minding if he is in bed with his wife.

“My wife knows the kind of job that I do so she really do not mind. Like I have some pictures at home where one girl or another is sitting on my laps and I am holding, pecking them and all that. As human beings we are bound to be jealous and she may be actually jealous but not to the detriment of my job.”

Few years back Papa Ajasco, broke the hearts of his numerous fans when he all of a sudden he vanished from scene. His absence stirred rumours from various quarters of what could have being happening to their rib cracker. Some of them even came to the conclusion the lost his role for good in that hilarious comedy.

But while they were still grappling with that he surfaced. Inasmuch as he won’t like to dwell on what happened two years ago Papa Ajasco said his absence was as a result of some misunderstanding between his producer/director and himself. “Since when I opted out of Papa Ajasco and came back everything has been fine. I did not even opt out but he said he does not want me so I stepped aside. But we later we resolved the issue and I am back. I have being around for about two years now.

Abiodun Ayoyinka who has being around the theatre for over thirty decades said he delved into the industry after watching the likes of Hubert Ogunde and Ojo Duro-Ladipo.

“After watching these two people as a young boy I was determined that I will go into acting too. So in secondary school I joined the literary society because of the flair and talent I have for acting. The last 30 years have being very beautiful and I have never taken any job apart from the field of art. When I left the university I was employed at the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture and since then I have been working there and

doing others things of course.

After several years of marriage with no issue to show for it Papa Ajasco said his happiest moment was the day his wife gave birth to their first baby.

The Ipara-Remo, in Ogun State-born actor who had vowed to act till his last breath said while his suspension lasted he busied himself with other things in other to make ends.

“I work with the Lagos State Government. I work in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Culture, so I am still a civil servant, and I have been very busy.”

And on his late wife Mama Ajasco? Well, she’s late now. In fact, I felt her presence in my life because anytime we were recording, Mama Ajasco would advise us against taking wrong steps.

And on one of his bald head which is one of his trademarks he said, “I look more handsome when I shave my hair, and it is not only when I am going on recording. I shave my hair when it is time.