Actress/model, Beverly Naya, still hasn’t got over the excitement of acting alongside TV sex symbol, Desmond Elliot in Lancelot Imasuen’s Home in Exile.

Just back from the UK where she recently graduated from Brunei University in Directing and Script Writing, Naya spoke to us on what acting alongside A-list actor, Elliot meant to her.

“Home in Exile is my debut film in Nigeria and it was exciting acting alongside Desmond Elliot. He’s a bundle of talent and is a great actor. Working with him was a great experience for me. We both played the role of Julie and Dave, two lovers who were really into each other. Julie found Dave very handsome and it was definitely a good experience for me. He’s a very experienced actor,” crooned sexy Beverly,

who’s been penned down to do another Lancelot Imasuen flick, Make Me A Heart any time soon.

Home in Exile has a romantic scene where they shared a kiss. How did she feel at that moment?

“Julie felt wonderful! You see, it’s all about being professional. I had to create a persona, Julie, for that movie and Julie is not Beverly.”
According to the actress, she is back in Nigeria to pursue a career in acting.

The movie has premiered in major cities across the globe and would be officially released in Nigeria in August.