Iyamu is a popular name in Lagos . The popular name is one of the respected names in the Edo, Benin City today that cannot be rubbished. But for one of their descendants called Esther, prostitution has become the profession she has ventured into for succour. The rotund but very beautiful 20 something year old school drop-out, we gathered, has been patronizing all the nightclubs in Ikeja operating alongside other women of easy virtues for men exploitations. Esther, we learnt, left her mum in Ikorodu having left a School of Nursing she was supposed to be groomed on the medical lines only for her to move to Ogba-Ikeja area of Lagos exchanging her body for money. The informant who regaled us of her uncultured behaviours explained that guys who want to have a bite of her p**sy would call her on the transaction is negotiated on phone. What a life! I shall bring to your hearing the story of how Esther slept with her Sister’s husband when she paid them a visit.