Elizabeth Anjorin, who became the talk of town after her role in a Yoruba flick entitled Iyawo Ojo Kan is at the centre of a controversy at the moment.

According to inside sources, Lizzy as the fair skinned lady is called, is allegedly battling hard with her estranged lover over the ownership of a Honda bus, which was alleged to have been stolen by him.

Those who should know said that Lizzy’s estranged lover let out one of the cars in his auto mart to the actress when their relationship was on.

However, after things allegedly went awry for the lovers, the actress was alleged to have kept the car. After a truce was organised by some of man involved, Lizzy was said to have showed up with the car and that was when the car theft issue cropped up.

The lover’s siblings took possession of the car and Lizzy resorted to the police allegedly claiming the theft of her car.

The issue is said to have degenerated so badly that it is now being transferred from one police station to the other as the two parties are bent on getting possession of the automobile.