Jackie Appiah sure is a big basket of surprises. below are excepts of an interview she granted on the upcoming Shirley Manso Movie Perfect Picture. The interveiw was culled from a Ghanaian site.

“Jackie has expressed excitement about her role in ‘The Perfect Picture’ and working with Sparrow Productions. “The experience was great for me; it was a whole different experience working with Sparrow Productions because professionally they know what they are about. It was fun working with the girls (Lydia Forson and Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku”); they were brilliant and I love working with people who are always on point”.

Jackie even confesses that she lost weight for the movie in order to create a new and different look for herself that would match the movie. “I lost weight for the movie, because I wanted a different look for Sparrow”. She is particularly proud of Shirley Frimpong-Manso, contending that the success of Shirley proves the worth on a woman in today’s world.

According to Jackie, she fell in love with her character the moment she got the script. ‘I haven’t played any role like this before. The experience where couples are so in love but cannot get it up in bed is something that happens but we hardly talk about in Ghana. So I was like wow, I have to take up this role!” Jackie plays the role of Aseye, a young woman in a marriage that seems almost doomed from the beginning, because of her husband’s seeming sexual dysfunction.”

The lines that caught http://www.nigeriafilms.com were I lost weight for the movie and It was a whole different experience working for Sparrow.”

I take the underlined meanings of those words to be that Jackie has always known that all the other producers she works for were merely something she did for the money and did not really care. But for Sparrow, we all know who Shirley is. She is a renaissance woman. she strives for quality and art. After all, she is a professional, educated filmmaker. I expect nothing short of good things. Jackie Appiah knows this and she adhered to bringing something different to the character and not the same old fashion and corny stuff.

I am happy to see this side of her because it makes me think that she is a person who knows a good thing when she sees it and will discipline herself for someone who’s reputation has preceded him or her. On the other hand, maybe, it also has something to do with my constant bashing of Jackie. I know she comes to this website, and other Ghana websites and newspapers put my articles in their dailys’. Please permit me to take some credit for the new Jackie Appiah! Not all the credit but some.

What do you guys think?

what is your opinion on her saying she wanted to give sparrow something different?

Is it that she knows and has deliberately been giving other producers all her crap or did the constant bashing finally drive the message home?

This is a day of Joy!

Enjoy the trailer of the new movie perfect picture here

I hope it is not a female version of Life and Living it. I also pray Shirley Manso does not get stuck in this same style of soap opera films, regardless of how nice in quality and acting techniques they are; too much of everything is bad.

By Joy Della Ocloo for nigeriafilms.com ( EXCLUSIVE )

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