Well, depending on which side of the divide you belong, this may be good or bad news. If you are one of those hoping for a reconciliation between singer Kefee and estranged husband cum manager, Alec Godwin, sorry I have some bad news.

But if you believed the singer’s break-up tale and wished with all your heart that your loving Kefee never be abused again, then this is the green light. Alec Godwin is moving on and yes, he’s showing her off to those who have the eyes to tell.

We don’t know the name of the lucky lady, however the young one accompanied the label boss, Alec to a client’s album unveil in Lagos last Tuesday. It was at Protea Hotel, Ikeja where the many celebs gathered let down their hair over lunch.

Sunny Nneji asked jokingly if his date was another fan but surprisingly Alec responded that she wasn’t a fan but serious business. Well, we pray you the very best Alec. One thing however couldn’t escape our notice: Alec’s ringing tone. While the function was on formally, before the lunch; a phone rang out Kefee’s award-winning number,

Kokoroko. A few heads turned trying to find out the source of the interruption. Lo and behold, it was Alec’s phone