Fast-rising rapper, Kel and her manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe, were thanking God to be alive after surviving a car crash on their way back from a night out on September 30.

The young friends, who have worked hard to earn recognition and respect, were heading to Nigezie’s Lagos office around 4am when the unfortunate crash occurred. But while Kel escaped with minor scratches and a bleeding nose, her manager and the driver Andre were not as lucky.

Andre, who reportedly works for Nigezie, suffered a dislocated knee, while Miss Osarenkhoe, who was on the rear sit, hit her head on the front passenger’s head rest, dislocating her jaw and causing serious damage to her head. A source close to their crew told E-Punch she may not have been wearing her seat belt.

The talent manager, who celebrated her 24th birthday on June 24, was rushed to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital where she had to undergo surgery.

With her boyfriend, Lanre Oladimeji, close friends, Tosyn Bucknor, Kel and others in constant prayer mood, it was not surprising when on Tuesday, she was discharged from LUTH after undergoing a successful operation.

Facebook friends dedicated status updates to her, wishing her well, while many left get-well-quick messages on her wall. Friends and colleagues at Capital records practically abandoned tasks to be by her bedside.

Although Kel was said to have suffered a ‘‘great’’ amount of shock, injured her fingers and had her nose bleeding, sources say her condition immediately stabilised and she is ‘‘well and okay.’’

Osagie Osarenkhoe first came to public attention when she managed the artiste known as Con.Tra.Dic.Tion. She has also worked on TV show, Moments with Mo.

Her current artiste, Kel, has been tipped as one of the top five rappers expected to dominate the hip hop world within the next few months.