Some section of the public recently took on this petit but beautiful singer popularly called Keffe that her dress sense does not conform with her image as a gospel artiste. Responding to critics, Keffe said she doesn’t give a hoot about whatever anybody says about her as long as she is pleased with what she wears, the rest is history.

‘’Abeg leave them o. That is good for the talk. They need to have something to talk about. I dress beautifully. I dress the way I like. There are types I just want to look wield, I want to have some colour on my hair. I just feel like that sometime. And just because someone has issues with it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t express myself, fashion wise, the way I feel. Everybody cannot like everything you’re doing and I understand that. Like not everybody wants the air that we are breath in, some people want to die,’’ she fires back at her detractors.