Lagos State University has put a ban on miniskirts, body hugs and transparent wears on campus as they introduce new dress code policy as a way of curtailing indecency.

The female students are prohibited from wearing dresses that expose their body. This came as a result of the high rate of female exposure of sensitive part of their body on the campus which serve as a distraction to their male counterpart.

•    Find below are the full lists of items banned in the new LASU dress code Body Hugs

•    Boob Tubes

•    Lacy Camisoles

•    Backless tops

•    Boobs Exposing Outfits

•    Low neckline shirts and blouses

•    skimpy and mini skirts

•    Transparent dresses

•    Spaghetti Wears

•    Mono straps

•    Wicked Straps