This is called creativity on point. The hardship the country is facing seems to be having a good effect on some Nigerians.

Some Nigerians are beginning to put their potentials into function by creating things that are quite impressive and relevant to the society.

Although it’s sad that despite the intelligence some Nigerians posses, we do not appreciate or promote our homemade products.

Many attribute the reason why Nigerians prefer foreign product to the fact that homemade product might be durable.

A young boy, Ukoma Michael who hails from Imo state and lives with parents, has just done his family and community proud by inventing a handmade mobile fan that powers on with a battery.

The fan was constructed with wire meshes and can last for 19 hours if properly charged.

As an ambitious young man, the teenager has also beautified his craft by packaging them in cartons ready to sale.