When stories about veteran Reggae singer, Majek Fashek, broke that he has been taken to a rehab in Abuja, all thanks to Warri-based billionaire and socialite, Chief Ayiri Emami, fans were so happy that at last there is hope for him after facing a bad career for many years due to poor health.

After some months in the rehab, he was certified clean and released to go home and relax but little did many know that there was more to it until recently when the Chief Ayiri, opened up that he was no longer in charge of the singer’s upkeep.

He told Punch that has washed his hands off the affairs of the musician, Majek Fashek, about seven months after the latter emerged from a rehabilitation centre in Abuja.

According to him,  “Majek Fashek is not under my care. When he left the rehabilitation home in Abuja, the doctors said that he needed to relax. They said he should stay off the music scene for some time. I wanted him to stay in Warri and relax. I provided everything that he needed to be comfortable. But he insisted on going back to music almost immediately. He kept insisting and, after a while, I had to let him go. That was it.”

Chief Emani noted that the singer wanted to join his record label but he had to turn it down so people will not assume that he helped him so he could sign him to his label but promised to get him another label and manager which he turned down.

“He wanted to join my music label, but I said no. I didn’t want other people to think that I did him a favour because I wanted him to sign on to the label. Instead, I told him that I could get him a good manager that would take care of him and his career, get him a car and every other thing. I travelled and by the time I returned one evening, Majek was already in Lagos.”

Meanwhile, rumours still have it that the singer despite doctors warning about alcohol, is still having the drink secretly as friends around him are still not helping matters.