WELCOME to the world of headgears which are popularly referred to as “gele”, they come in different colours, fabrics and types like the Singele, Damask, Aso Oke and others. They are so colourful and are long enough to form different shapes like circle, triangle or a square on a woman’s beautiful head.

Many women will agree with the fact that no native outfit is complete without a headgear. Whatever the occasion be it a wedding ceremony, naming ceremony or a birthday party the gele is readily available and suitable for any occasion.

Unfortunately, not every woman is capable of tying the gele and if you are one of them do not worry as long as you follow this steps you will get yourself tying a gele not only for yourself but for others.

All you need to do is to get a gele fold into two equal halves place it on your head or on someone else’s head, you can start knotting it from either the front or the back as long as it comes out in good shape.

Tie a part tightly on your head, take the second part too and make a knot where the two meet, you can start bringing out the fold carefully without tampering with your knots. The edges are what make the design of the gele to look beautiful, so carefully remove the edges from the knot and spread this will give you the look that you desire.

Why don’t you try to knot one today, remember that tying a headgear has to do with creativity and appropriate accessory combination.