A man, Yisau Adeleke, 43 had attacked his lover, Morufa Ajoke Odesanya, 36 year old mother of five with Acid, after discovering she was married and was responsible for infecting him with  thunderbolt.

According to the accused, Adeleke:  “I had a wife, Ronke, who had two children for me but I later discovered that she had two children for two men before she married me. She also decided that she had had the number of children that she wanted, asking me to look for another woman if I needed more. 

So I started dating Odesanya and she asked me to rent a room for her, which I did. She told me she was a widow with two children. She showed me a man, who she claimed to be her brother, but whom I later discovered to be her husband. She took me to her mother and I took her to my aunt, to introduce her as my wife-to-be. We used to have s3x regularly to the level that even during her menstrual period; she would beg me to have sex with her, saying she could not keep off me. This continued until I came in contact with Magun (thunderbolt) in the course of our affair. It was as if my navel was twisted and I also had a tongue twist. I started feeling dizzy. This made me to raise the alarm and an Islamic cleric came to my rescue by making some incantations. That was when I discovered that she’s married. I ended the affair but we were still meeting because I wanted to collect the money I contributed as a member of a group we formed for the purpose of contributing money that we could collect in bulk.  She collected hers and when I was to collect mine, she said she had given it to her husband to pay FRSC fine. To my surprise, when I saw the husband, he was riding a brand new motorcycle. This infuriated me because I felt used and the devil pushed me to an evil act.” 

Currently he has been arrested for his crime and was arraigned in court on Thursday, August 18. His fate would be decided on the second court hearing.