While some are crying for food, some have more than enough to even throw to the bin. One of the people who have more than enough is a married Abuja based artist, Mrs. Regina Adeola, popularly called Gina, who allegedly said to have paid a whopping $85,000 as surgery fee to have her lips restructured to be like the American super actress, Angelina Jolie’s.

With this new development, no doubt, the lifestyle of entertainers in Nigeria, has massively taken a new turn. These new generation artistes imbibing all sorts of habits from their fellow American counterpart and the plastic surgery which was popularized by American celebrities seems to be the in-thing for these our Nigerian celebrities these days.

However, whatever that is done under the sun must always come to light, no matter how perfectly orchestrated and concealed, that is the case of the not too sexy singer.

Strong facts surfaced earlier this week, indicating that the lips of Abuja Based Pop-tar Mrs. Regina Adeola a.k.a. “African Jolie” are Pure Fake!

The secret of her artificial lips was disclosed by her intimate friend named Aisha, the two were said to have been at loggerheads over matter relating to men and Aisha spilled the beans of Gina’s deal in Spain where she went to do the lips surgery for $80,000 and additional $5000 for ‘after surgery’, maintenance and healing drugs.