claim to fame:up and coming actress in nollywood.
island amebos spotted actress ruky at the silverbird galleria a while back,(just beofre she left for south africa).hear the amebo”it was on a friday,i cant remember the exact date but ruky was garbed in a mini gown,the gown was so short that guys stared at her mouth agape and even people passing by were murmuring to them selves(a yoruba woman murmured’oloun oba,se aso le le yi?jesu kristi!).the actress became uncomfortable and quickly faked receving a phone call to hide her embarrassment,it was so obvious she was not prepared for the attention she received”.please anyone who knows this actress should help me tell her to increase her mini attires by just an inch before the thing which our forefathers fearfully predicted comes to pass.they say”the breeze always comes to expose the fowls yansh”ruky should know that no one is interested in the size or colors of her underpants..she should also know that a beautiful woman does not need to bare flesh to make a fashion statement!