A particular pastor in S.A has been making rounds on social media recently with his weird way of performing miracles.

An incident happened in Mount Zion General Assembly in SA when during a praise night, the pastor ordered a young girl to lie on the floor while a heavy speaker was placed on her stomach.

Pastor Lethebo Rabalango told the congregation that if Jesus could walk on the water, he also could do more miracles.

It was on the process of demonstrating his powers that he ordered the young lady to lay down while a speaker was placed on her stomach and he also sat on the speaker.

It was reported that he promised the young girl that she wouldn’t feel any pain at all, but just like cases of miracles going wrong, his powers failed him.

By the time he stood up from the speaker, the girl was no longer moving as she passed out in the process and it took the elders of the church minutes to bring her back to life after administering first aid treatments.

Meanwhile, while they were able to revive her at that point, the girl complained of broken ribs and she was immediately rushed to a hospital where she finally died from internal injuries caused to her lungs.

After the shocking experience that made his congregation bury their heads in disappointment, the pastor spoke out claiming the girl met her end because she had no faith and could not withstand such a simple task.

What do you think should be done to him?