Gifty Powers of Big Brother Nigeria is in directing saying Mr.2kay is lying against her following Gifty’s response to the claims Mr.2kay made recently that he was the one that aided her journey to big brother house and back.


Gifty who was speaking about her former lovers claims, rather gave the glory to God for her life and thank God for her mother while saying she will set the record straight on Mr.2kay when the time is right.

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“This is serious . Firstly, I want to clear the air on what was said. God Almighty alone made me who I am today. Many years ago after my step-dad passed away, God gave me the kind of strength that I had never felt before in my life. He shamed those who thought I wouldn’t make it in life.

Secondly, major kudos goes to my mum. She has been my strength all through my life. A widow supporting four kids isn’t a joke; she is my inspiration. And about what that person (Mr 2kay) said; well, I will not say anything for now because his matter is not relevant to me. My only joy right now is how God has supported me so far in building a strong foundation for my future.”

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On insinuations that she is rejecting Mr.2kay she said “I just can’t stop laughing when people say ‘all he has done for me.’ I will not say anything on this until the time is right; but for now, it’s not ripe.”

On her career Gifty hinted that “For now, I’ve done some movies which were really crazy but fun. And there are few that I am yet to work on because the actors that are meant to be on set with me are doing their own personal stuff, which is also to my advantage because I have my personal work to do as well,” she said.

On how she intends to combine her music and acting careers, she said, “When you set your mind on something that means a lot to you; trust me, you would find a way. Never say never”