In this economy, homelessness plagues thousands across the globe. On March 28, 2009 Mrs. Black Globe Melissa Santos experienced what its like to be homeless as she slept outside on the cold hard concrete. The Black Globe International pageant queens were honored by The Trinity House, a California US based non-profit organization established to help eradicate homelessness. The queens were selected as special celebrity MC’s for the annual Sleep-Out-Saturday fundraiser dedicated to increase awareness and understanding of the plight of the homeless. The event supporters like Mrs. Black Globe 2009 Melissa Santos, Miss US Black Globe Brittani Chustz, Miss Black Globe 2008 Stephvanie Wynn, and a former Miss USA delegate could choose to sleep outside under the stars and on the concrete. It was an eye-opening and body aching experience.

Many homeless families end up on the street as a result of a string of bad luck that could happen to you or someone you know. The founders of The Trinity House, Glen and Evelyn Jackson, were once homeless themselves. They now live by the motto “a hand-up not a hand out”. If you would like to help get a homeless family off of the street enter and click The Trinity House to contribute. A donation even as small as $5 US (or more) could mean the difference between a slab of cement or a warm bed for a homeless person like Connie, a young woman of age 20 and a former foster child. For her 18th birthday, she had to face the reality that she was no longer a ward of the state and now on her own…and homeless… until she found The Trinity House. Join Black Globe International Pageants in making your donation today and give someone a hand up, not a hand out.