Just like every other child who have always been proud of having good parenting, Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, has come out to show o0ff her dad to the world who will be turning 80 soon.

The actress disclosed that almost everything about her is gotten from her dad but many don’t know as she is being accused of bleaching all the time.

She boasted that since people feels she has been bleaching, it is better for them to know that her dad has been the one supplying and other siblings the bleaching cream they are using.

According to her, “Yes my dad is warming up for his 80th birthday this December. And still looking dope. Runs three times a day. When your father is dope. My father and I A fine man, a solider, a warrior and a teacher. When your father at almost 80 beats your beauty hands down.

“Someone said “Gina how come you are bleaching”? ” You are becoming so white”! My answer.” Please ask my father too” maybe he is supplying the bleaching cream we are both using” People will not kill me with laughter.”