Burna Boy is really in a mess right now; actually he brought it up upon himself.

He shot himself on the head when he decided to show off online. He took to his page to inform his fans that his single “Acting bad’ was produced by Orbeat official, the same person who produced his hit single ‘Soke’.

Only if he knew the aftermath of that post, he wouldn’t have done it. Shortly after his post, the producer of these songs took to his page to give him the embarrassment of his life.

Who would have thought, that he hasn’t paid the producer for his hit single Soke?

This is a similar case of D’banj and the producer of his Emergency single, who was later settled after his outburst online.

Burna Boy’s producer revealed that since the artiste’s mom took over his career, he was sidelined from the initial agreement and wasn’t paid for the job he did, summing up to the fact that the song was released without his knowledge.

He wrote: “this material was released illegally. I find this insulting. I have not been fully paid for the work I put in your album and you disrespect me by dropping that song without consulting me. You can’t disrespect people who helped your career. Soke is one of your biggest songs and you cut me off the digital sales after our agreement. Your mum declined to pay me since she took over your career, I moved on till my intellectual property that you don’t own came out and you couldn’t even reach out to me, you really undermined me.”

Burna Boy, could not hold back his dismay for the guy as he stated that if he is responsible enough and feels he has issues with him, he has his number and knows where he stays and such, should have contacted him rather than taking things out on social media.

He claimed that his accuser begged him to work with him and his services was paid for but now wants more money because he is not satisfied.

According to Burna Boy, “Talk about me, laugh behind my back but to my face you some well wishing snakes with your hands out for my Money, man how much can I Take? Niggaz need to understand that social media ain’t a safe place to try violate man if we really know each other. Crackhead, thief ass nigga. You ain’t my nigga. You ain’t wit me. You begged me to f@ck with you because you are frm PH and shit. paid you for your service. But you want more because you a crack head

“You wanna be treated like you one of my in house producers but you NOT. Give a nigga a rope and he wanna be a cow boy. You know where I’m at and you have my number but you couldn’t even call, couldn’t even reply my DM’s because you are insecure and dishonest. F@ck you!”