Controversial actress, Moyo Lawal is known for her diversities and interest in interpreting different roles to show how versatile she is.

The actress who is currently on the set of a new movie, shared photos of her riding a keke napep which triggered the reactions of her fans.

First of its kind, questions began  to pop out as inquisitive fans starting asking her what movie she was shooting and all sorts.

Meanwhile the actress also took her time to address some pressing issues about  her  as she said despite the perception of many that her movie character are herself are the same, it’s all false because her real life is boring.

She said: “ the classy and decent roles are so much more better for one’s image, but the crude roles are so much more fun, what’s the point of acting  if I say the same way  I am  in reality, my real life is boring enough as it is” so pardon me if my acting Is so real, people actually think my characters and I are one and the same way I am just getting my adrenaline rush, the same way you all get it from drinking, smoking, partying, multiple boyfriends. I get mine from being bad for the camera.”