Pretty Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede has joined the league of those who now release pre-birthday photos to celebrate their day.

The idea of pre-photo shoot has now become a norm that is being adopted in the Nigeria and these trends is most common with the Nigerian celebrities especially the female folks and they are never tired at expressing their transition.

Yvonne, did not want to be left behind, she decided to release some stunning photos ahead of her main celebration which will be coming up on the 25th of August.

Being one of many who is proud of her age, she revealed that she is 33 but would gladly accept the movie role of a child because the age has nothing to do with her.

In her words, “I am glad to say my 33years on earth has been from grace to another bigger grace. I wake up to blessings, I breath love, I live a life of Grace, my going out and coming in have always been favored. I have people love me for no damn reason, even in my imperfections. I’ve grown in my mind, I’m living like a queen, I don’t think I’m anything close to perfect but I have the perfect people love me perfectly. Please: if you see me acting like a child, know that my age doesn’t dwell in my heart.”

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