Ali Baba is indeed a lucky man. He could have been a widower today if his amiable wife had taken acid mistakenly a year ago. 

 The wife was supervising workers as she was chewing cashew nuts when she started choking. In a struggle to get out of her dilemma, she ended up picking a wrong bottle that was filled with acid instead of water.

Ali Baba narrated  “…She reached out for the bottle that she thought was the one she had been drinking from. The lid was a lot tighter than how it was on the bottle she had been drinking from. She stride to unscrew it and at that second attempt to unscrew it, she turned around to see if there was anyone around to open it and saw the real bottle she was drinking from.”

He said “And she dropped the tightly screwed one. Anyway, we thank God she did not drink it. She got curious and wanted to know what was in it. It was konk ACID that the workers were using to clean stains off the marble floor during renovations for my 50th birthday June 24th, last year.

 Every day, for like a month, and regularly ever since, my wife would be seen gazing at this spot. She has refuse for the dead soil to be removed. She loves looking at it, especially on her birthday, July 11th, last year, my wife went to that spot, looked hard at it, and as the tears built up in her eyes, she said “Thank you God for your continuous miracle in my life.  But as Zakilo will say, God no dey sleep. Domestic accidents kill more than gun violence. Let’s be very careful. ..”