Nigeria has faced a lot of difficulties as a country, especially been ruled by bad leaders who do not have the interest of the masses at heart.

Everything seems to be going down the drain, all the masses have left, is little ray of hope that all would be well very soon.

But how soon, can that be? It’s a question many people do not have an answer to.  Comedian and OAP Yaw have recently spoken about the situation of the country.

He called Nigeria a pit latrine where people from different countries come to dump all sort of rubbish.

In a recent interview, he explained that the country has accommodated so many mess been deposited in the country. As a result of his opinion, the OAP named his upcoming comedy event that takes place yearly ‘Shalanga’.

For those who might know the meaning, it simply means pit latrine. Last years edition was named ‘Po’.

In his words: “Shalanga as we all know means ‘pit latrine’ which depicts that Nigeria is a country where everybody from any part of the country or continent come to deposit all sort of rubbish and our beloved country ‘Nigeria’ accommodates every mess been deposited inside it. The main problem is who will help save Nigeria from all of its mess.”