Recently, Miss  who is a popular Nigerian transgender was interviewed by Udoka Okafor for Huffington Post.

During the interview, she talks about her writing career, religious belief, LGBT rights and her attempt at committing suicide.

She felt this was the first time some writer wanted to hear her side of the story without judging her.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

1) Can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself, your likes, and dislikes?

Like some women, I am actually a ‘girly girl’, who loves fashion, makeup, and high heels. I also enjoy singing, writing songs, doing research, and helping my trans community whenever I can, by using my skills in digital media. I hate discrimination in all its forms. I also hate when human beings have been deprived the freedom to love and the freedom to be themselves.


2) When you were younger, you tried to reconcile your gender identity with religion, and this led you to attempt suicide. How were you able to navigate this reconciliation process; did you end up succeeding or abandoning religion altogether?

Yes, I did! And, after extensive research on religion, I found that religion is plagiarized and reinvented every century to fit the popular narratives of the time. I also came to the conclusion that I don’t need to believe in any deity or follow any particular religion to lead a positive moral life. As human beings, we have an inbuilt capacity to discern right from wrong. Most of the pain, war, hate, conflicts, greed and many more vices in the world today are caused or influenced by religion.

For my identity and my views on life, the transgendered identity has been proven by science to have a biological, and indeed a natural, basis. Therefore, it is right for me to be me. Most religions and traditions will say otherwise, though. Hence, I am strongly against religion, but I support spirituality.