Anambra people under the umbrella of Anambra Peoples Assembly, have descended on the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu over his recent comments that there would not be election in the state.


Recall that the Anambra Governorship poll is to hold, November, 2017 but Nnamdi Kanu has in a statement called on the people of Anambra to boycott it unless the Federal Government organises a referendum to determine whether Igbos will continue as part of Nigeria.

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The statement by Kanu had elicited comments from several quarters with the latest coming from the Anambra Peoples Assembly who said he wants to drag them into war with the country but kept his family in London.

According to the group in a statement by its coordinator, Mazi Nnamdi Okorafor, Anambra people are peace-loving and would not be dragged into an unending battle with the Federal Government due to the November polls.


”Nnamdi Kanu is making a fool of himself, very soon his paymasters will distance themselves from him. He and his illiterate minions will be dancing alone in the market square Unclad. Being Igbo does not mean you are an IPOB member, neither does being an IPOB leader makes you the leader of the Igbos,” he stated.

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”Let truth be told. But with due respect to the right thinking and illustrious sons and daughters of Abia State. Let me ask these questions, When did an Abia man become wiser than the Anambra man to warrant a confusionist like Nnamdi Kanu to order Anambra people not to vote while his Abia governor is still on seat?

“Why would the good, wise and hard-working Anambra sons and daughters listen to a guy man who kept his wife and kids in London come here to suggest what is capable of destroying the lives of young Anambra youths. Anambra people should not allow anybody to toy with their future and destiny.”