Oh my God, Nollywood stunt gone wrong as an actor gets burnt while on movie set recently after fire extinguisher failed and he now needs the prayers of everyone.

 The ugly ordeal took place on the movie that was produced by Kelechi Udegbe and was directed by Dickson Dzakpasu, where the fast rising actor acted a fire scene but unfortunately, it became a sad story when the fire could not be put off.

The promising actor involved is Ani Iyoho, who was badly burnt while playing a fire stunt and has been rushed to a hospital while the producer and director involved in the movie still allowed the movie to continue.

Fans of Nollywood will be scared for the actor’s life but take some chill as Ani has promised his fans that nothing was going to happen to him as he was in safe hands of those who understands how the job works. Well, sorry for the high temperature, Nollywood is actually getting there.