Actress Uche Ogbodo has opened up on the challenges she encountered during an undisclosed illness.

In an Instagram live interview, with Legacy TV on Thursday, the mother of two said people said she was HIV positive due to her weight loss.

Recounting her ordeal, she said: “To think that people died from this thing that happened to me and I am still here. I am still working, I am still fine. I told my sister that if anything happens to me, she should take care of my daughter like I am here.

“People judge people so much. On social media, people judge people so much. You don’t know what that person goes through. I was going through hell, I was called names. People said I had HIV, that I was too dry. I was too skinny, I wasn’t looking fresh. I was called different names all through that time”.

Speaking further, Uche stated that she did not have her bath during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020

“All that COVID-19 period, I wasn’t bathing. I wasn’t bathing during the 3 months lockdown. I couldn’t take care of myself but my man was there every day with me

“My family were there, my sisters, my daughter Mildred, they were with me. It was a terrible experience for me.I couldn’t even share it for a long time. I just kept thanking God,” she said.