Bucci Franklin

Nigerian actor and Tv presenter, Bucci Franklin has revealed that a lot of things are going on in Nollywood which one has to be spiritually sensitive.

According to him, he perceives the perfume of the devil in the industry which means that a lot of awful things happening in the industry are the devils architect.

Things like, homosexuality, lesbianism, entertainers who no longer value holy matrimony but follow the trend of baby mama and baby papa’s. He said that the entertainment industry is the only industry where people sit down and dine with the devil.

 He noted that he goes for deliverance whenever he finishes with acting especially when he features in negative role. He said he does this because the industry is highly spiritual; it’s more than what the eyes can see.

Franklin who also has passion for music slammed the kind of immoral songs being released daily by musical artistes. “There are songs coming out that are not pleasant to the ears because of the lyrics that are ap¬pealing to the devil. I’m not trying to be holier than thou right now, but our kids that are coming up need to have a proper mentality of what music and entertainment is all about. This is not it. This is not the way. One has to really be attentive in this industry” he said.