Beautiful Fauziya Sani, popularly known as Fauziya Maikyau within Kannywood circles, tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this brief chitchat that she has already paid her dues in the industry.

Fauziy, a very beautiful lady who hails from Bauchi state, also discloses that she combines acting with film production.

Journey so far, relationships

I have produced more than five top films which have made me rich, popular and famous. Presently, I have somebody that loves me more than his own life, and I equally love him. In fact, I have already introduced him to my parents in Bauchi as my fiancé.

Even though the guy said he has another woman he is madly in love with her and is ready to marry her, yet he said that any time I say yes he will marry me. However, the only problem is his parents who are against the relationship saying that I am too exposed for their liking.


Recently, one rich Alhaji from Kano during a chance meeting proposed marriage to me. He even insisted that the marriage should take place immediately. I know that he is overwhelmed by my beauty, smiles and elegance. I know that he only wants to marry me, get what he wants and dump me. But we actresses know their type; people always think that we Hausa actresses are cheap and that we like money like prostitutes.


On what I have achieved in acting, I will say it has put food on my table; I have my own house, a choice car, a fat bank account and I have already performed the holy pilgrimage as one of pillars of Islam.

Any regrets?

I have many regrets, one of which is the Maryam Hiyana sex scandal. Anywhere we go people refer to us as prostitutes. However, we are not; now I found somebody that I want to marry even though his parents are saying that as a Hausa actress I’m too exposed for their liking. I’m 40 years old and I want to settle down and have my children.