While some ladies are comfortable baring their cleavage in public all in the name of being fashionable, there are some who wouldn’t go that length.

There are some ladies who still believe in modesty and wouldn’t expose their cleavage for any reason.

But in the entertainment industry exposing cleavage, leaving nothing or less to cover is always the situation.

Fast rising actress, Nancy Isime who is also a popular TV personality has disclosed in an interview that she’s comfortable baring her cleavage.

The hire your man actress who is in her late twenties also discloses that she has no problem in revealing her legs.

In her words: “Fashion to me means expressing my inner self, looking good and being comfortable. However, what is comfortable to me might not be so for another person. For example, I have no problems baring my cleavage and my legs but some people might not be able to do that.”