THE committee set up to carry out activities culminating in the burial ceremony of late Dr. Orlando Owoh met on Tuesday and agreed that the Kennery King be buried in Lagos State as he had insisted while alive.

A family source told RMT that this decision was agreed upon in order to carry out the wish of the highlifer and that it was not to spite the mother of the late musician.

Weeks ago, it was reported that Shade, one of the wives of Owoh, had insisted on burying her late husband in Lagos because the most of the musicians friends were based in Lagos and may not want to travel out of the state for his funeral. This may take the shine out of the funeral, if these socialites and fans of Orlando were not at the burial, .

On the other hand, the aged mother of Orlando wanted her son to be buried in Owo as her son “hailed from Ondo State and not Lagos”. When the decision was made known to the mother, she was said to have calmly accepted the will of others to prevail and that she agreed that Orlando be buried in Lagos.

“Mama agreed to the decision of the committee, so there’s no problem over what will happen with the body of my brother”, informed RMT source. He added that Orlando himself had, in his last days, warned that if he was not buried in Lagos, the hearse conveying his body anywhere outside out Lagos State “would summersault.”

“It was like he was trying to curse whoever went against his decision on his final resting place. “He swore that the hearse would be involved in an accident if he was taken outside of Lagos State, hence the decision to bury him in Lagos”, RMT source added.

The committee has set aside January 7, 8 and 9th for the burial of the late musician at his Papa Ajafa, Karim Oyelade home in Agege.