Eccentric Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, who has been lately celebrated for off screen antics is at it again after replying a femal social media follower who tried to quarry the un equal balance of her God given twins on her chest.


The question from the fan, Candyberry waltzed, came when the controversy of her suicide attempt was just dying down and she wasted to time in stated that though her mammary are not of equal size is not an abnormality. According to her any woman who has not gone under the Knife cannot have two equal b**bs size.

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However , the star of “TINSEL”, did not reply without dishing the fan a hot jab

“ It’s a bit disturbing that a girl will look that closely…but moving on..Hun, my b**bs are natural, one is bigger and higher than the other,” she replied the curious Candyberry.

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However, on further probing the actress, the actress was asked if it is true that one of her b**bs is bigger than the other.

“ Yes, one is always bigger than the other. It is so for every woman who hasn’t gone under the knife. Only the artificial b**bs can be of the same size,” she replied.©