Controversial cross dresser and self-acclaimed bleaching expert and king of snap Chat Bobrisky just turned 26 (do ask me if it is true because I have not seen his birth certificate) and he is not taking the celebration for granted as he has purchased a cow , two rams and engaged the services of four catering services to cook for the less privilege to celebrate his birthday and make them feel special as Muslims mark the Salah holiday.


Information has it that he has marked out the sum of fifteen million naira , and to feed five hundred less privileged persons is a top priority for him. He said he will not only give them food and drinks as he will be giving out cash as well.

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Meanwhile , Bobrisky decided to give his gate man a big threat and charged others to look after their domestic staffs

“I’m done with my gateman dis morning . No matter who u are always have a happy chilling with ur workers.

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Don’t ignore them or treat them like nobody. Gateman or house help has d same blood running in ur veins. If u have a gateman u are not feeding,or paying his salary pls change towards them today.

They are Human too. And don’t forget I said am spending so much money on dis birthday cos am 26yrs and I want to thank God for his grace.”©