Today celebrated television host, Frank Edoho came out to announce to his fans and friends and social media users that he has stepped down as the anchor of the popular “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Show” after thirteen years of “hello and welcome to who wants to be a millionaire”.


The former radio personality announced his resignation in these words.

“Kindly allow me to announce that, after a disagreement in negotiations with Ultima limited I have decided to decline hosting who want to be who wants to be a millionaire any further. “

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As Frank made this announce, former Big Brother Nigeria house mate and television decided that to use the shows content to question Frank’s decision to quite the show when he asked him “but did you ask the audience before reaching this decision?”

Frank followed in the line of the joke to subtly reply Ebuka’s second question “nah I walked away with life line because I know they would have given me the wrong answer©