She is an AMAZON .A legend when it comes to TRANSPARENT LEADERSHIP,doing the impossible ,cleaning a very dirty plate.

She did wonders with NAFDAC ,from a hopeless and senseless ADULTRATED market,infested with Thugs and heartless monkeys in human form.The Market was so bad that sub-standard became the next best thing,because every other thing was outright FAKE.
She sanitised NAFDAC to the extent that MADE IN NIGERIA drugs during her tenure got more potency than imported ones, and made in Nigeria Drugs and many eatables with NAFDAC NUMBER became number one in Africa.

She took our information ministry to a greater height,she reduced the NORTHERN POLITICAL CABAL to bunch of cry babies.
She was the only person that stood and told the nation that our YARA DUA is no longer capable of continuing in office and, by her declaration ,DR GOODLUCK was made the President and Turai stop acting as a POTENTATE ,that was democracy in action..

Now that our EFCC is worse than NIGERIAN PRISON SERVICE,so bad and worthless that nobody takes them serious because they will arrest suspect just for the fun of it, and never secure a court conviction ,not even a tiny one since inception.They arrest ,collect money and plea bargain then case closed and sins pardoned,,,I ask WHY CAN,T WE HAND EFCC TO PROF DORA AKUNYILI to do what she does best ? SANITISE IT AND MAKE OTHER NATIONS TAKE US SERIOUS FOR ONCE

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